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Job description

About Us

AdvicePay’s mission is to expand the reach of personal financial planning advice to more consumers. Historically, financial planning advice was only available to the affluent, who could afford to pay a financial advisor’s fees directly from their portfolios. AdvicePay enables financial advisors to shift their focus towards giving advice to people still building wealth, instead of only those who already have it, with the first and only way for financial planners to get paid in a compliant way on a subscription or one-time basis via ACH or credit cards.

Our sister company, XY Planning Network, was nationally recognized as one of The 346 Best Places to Work in 2019 by Inc.magazine! And since we work in the same office and have the same awesome benefits, we’ll say “we basically won too.”

About the Platform

Users of AdvicePay are financial planners who use our platform to get paid by their clients for fee-for-service financial planning.

About the Position

This is a full-time position to serve as a point of contact for prospective AdvicePay users. Potential AdvicePay users are individuals, businesses, and large broker/dealers who are typically financial planners looking to use a payment solution to help them better serve their clients, many implementing the fee-for-service model for the first time.

This is a full-time position for a flexible and ambitious individual with a passion for helping us grow AdvicePay. Responsibilities include: seeking out potential customers, proactively reaching out to prospects, hosting demos and webinars, answering questions via email and phone, managing prospective user lists and our sales pipeline, handling inbound marketing requests, attending conferences, and keeping meticulous documentation of sales conversations and feature requests.


What You’ll be Doing

  • Proactively finding and contacting prospects to turn them into happy paying customers!

  • Providing timely and detailed responses to daily inbound leads

  • Answering questions from prospective users about why AdvicePay is the, how AdvicePay works, pricing and implementing the fee-for-service business model, etc.

  • Demoing AdvicePay and all of its glory for groups and individuals - you’ll know the ins and outs of AdvicePay, plus swiftly learn new features, in order to successfully demonstrate its capabilities

  • Providing enthusiastic, thorough onboarding support and training for users who have signed up for AdvicePay to make sure they’re set up for A+ success

  • Attending 12-18 financial planning and B/D conferences a year individually and with fellow AdvicePay team members to talk with prospective and current users about AdvicePay

  • Organizing and prioritizing feature requests and feedback from potential and current users

  • Collaborating with other AdvicePay teams to coordinate press releases, feature requests, statements or work, and developer work

  • Creating handy resources, such as white-papers, to help our users best understand why to use AdvicePay and how to get the most out our system

  • Documenting all notes, calls, meetings, and details within HubSpot

  • Working with our marketing team to rock out various types of resources to turn prospects into active customers who can’t stop talking about us

What You’ll Bring to The Table

  • Selling the right way:

    • Be honest and do the right thing!

    • Create the best experience by helping prospective users make an educated sales decision

    • Show them the value of available options and always respond to their questions

  • Organizational skills to keep prospects and their requests in order

  • Documentation skills to keep our team updated -- you’re the master of ensuring nothing falls through the cracks

  • Proactive communication skills as you’ll be working with all of AdvicePay’s departments

  • Detective skills to identify ways to always improve our sales and onboarding processes to ensure everyone has a first-rate experience

  • Your friendly, helpful self -- with a smile so big they can even feel it in your emails!

  • Excellent writing skills and the ability to convey tone through email

  • Ability to speak comfortably face-to-face at conferences, over the phone, on webinars, during video calls, etc.

  • Experience in closing deals and attaining new sales

  • Ability to easily answer questions and talk about our product and industry

  • Your listening ears, so that you can hear what your customers’ needs are and if we’re a good fit for them

  • Strong tech savvy and the ability to pick up new technology quickly

  • A humble, team player attitude -- you’re that detail-focused person who collaborates, communicates, and documents so that we all win together!

  • A high sense of personal responsibility and integrity

What Will Make Us Drool

  • Prior experience in another vertical of our company: programming, sales, marketing (as a small team our team members are flexible and jump in to help out their teammates)

  • Prior experience doing sales for a SaaS company/platform

  • Prior experience in financial planning and/or FinTech to better relate to customers’ needs and answer their questions

  • Experience making customers happy and delivering on all promises made to our customers

  • Working knowledge of Hubspot’s sales tools and reporting features

About Our Culture

We are headquartered in Bozeman, Montana. To be your best self at work, we believe you need to be your best self at home. We encourage our team members to take advantage of all the fun Bozeman has to offer. Our company values our personal lives because we recognize that healthy and happy people make the best team members!

Compensation & Benefits

  • Salary: $50,000/year

  • Unlimited vacation days to maintain work-life harmony (we require that you take a minimum of 3 weeks of vacation per year)

  • 8 paid holidays when the office is closed

  • 401(k) with match; you put in 6% and we put in 4.5%

  • Health benefits package

  • MacBook Pro provided

  • Please see our Dream Team Handbook for more info about the benefits and perks we offer!

  • Relocation package available to those moving to Bozeman, MT